“でぃらいと” Mini Album
(di-raito = D-Lite when written in Japanese)

Release Date: October 29, 2014

Versions: 1) CD + DVD + Goods (D-Kun Pajama + Special Booklet) [Available @ YGEX Shop]
2) CD + DVD [Available @ YesAsia | CDJapan]
3) CD only [Available @ YesAsia | CDJapan]

Track List:CD:
1) Look at Me, Gwisun (JP Version)
2) Big Hit (JP Version)
3) Old Diary (Furui Nikki) – Original by Akiko Wada
4) Just Can’t Stop It (Dounimo Tomaranai) – Original by Yamamoto Linda
5) Look at Me, Gwisun Remix
6-9) Karaoke version of 1st 4 tracks

1) Look at Me, Gwisun Music Video
2) Making of Look at Me, Gwisun MV
3) Shut Up Music Video
4) Making of Shut Up MV
5) To-san’s How to Enjoy Summer in Hokkaido

Source: YGEX via BBU

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Big Bang’s Daesung will be releasing mini album D-Lite and solo tour DVD in Japan.

According to YG Entertainment on September 18, Daesung will be releasing a concept album D-Lite on October 29 in celebration of year-end party season.

The album will be released through ‘Enka! Avex Produced by YGEX.’ This label is under Tokyo Pudding, which created big hits with enka music (a genre similar to trot) in Japan during late 90’s.

The new album will contain a total of nine tracks, including three new enka songs, and the entire album will be recorded in Japanese. 

The lead track will be Look at me, GwiSoon, originally written by G-Dragon, but the Japanese lyrics will be written by Kenichi Maeyamada. 

The album D-Lite contains songs under trot genre, which can be enjoyed by people across all age groups, and covers some of the most popular Japanese songs. 

The DVD that comes along with the CD will include the music video for Look at me, GwiSoon and Shut Up as well as the summer episode of ‘How to Enjoy Vacation in Hokkaido.’

Daesung stated, “It is a project that reflects a new side of me, setting apart from Big Bang. I hope that people across all ages, from children to elderly people, will listen to it. Above all else, I hope that many people will sing and dance as they enjoy the year-end parties.”

Before releasing D-Lite, Daesung will also be releasing his solo arena tour DVD D-Lite DLive 2014 in Japan ~D’slove on October 22, containing clips from Daesung’s 15 concerts in eight cities around Japan, gathering over 170,000 fans. The DVD will contain live performances of 20 songs in a span of 180 minutes on top of 60 minutes worth of Daesung’s interviews about the tour, documentary clips and more.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Tracklist credit - SGVIPS

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Daesung will release his mini album “Diraito” Oct. 29!

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So my phone wallpaper of Seungri helped me shake off a person who kept hitting on me



So i’m a cashier at a home improvement store & I was ringing up a guy who kept asking if I had a boyfriend & if he could have my number while I was scanning his items. I told him I did (when I really didn’t). He kept saying I was lying & that if I did he probably wasn’t as good looking as him. Then I pulled out my cell phone & showed him my phone wallpaper of Seungri. After he saw it he said “Yeah, I can’t compete with that”. & I responded with ” Yeah, you definitely can’t”, in which pissed him off and shut him up. 

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Are CL's fans that awful to always bring up Dara as an example in every argument about CL?

The fuck you talking about? I am Dara’s fan too. You probably saw my comment here, clicked on my blog, saw a few CL pics and decided I was biased. That must be the reason for this anon ask since that’s the only time I mentioned them both recently. 

No, I do not always bring up Dara and I do not speak for all of CL’s fans. I don’t really have a bias in 2NE1. You can look at this post because someone asked me about the way I replied to a confession months ago the last time I used Dara (and GD & TOP) as an example. I guess anytime I use Dara as an example I should expect a friendly anon message? So far, I’ve only done it two maybe three times and this is the second time someone messaged me about using her name in a response about a CL confession. 

Next time you or anyone else wants to give me attitude about disagreeing with those rude ass confessions you can do it off anon. That way I won’t flood my followers with long as post about this lame ass bullshit and we can discuss it privately. That’s the reason I reply to them instead of reblogging them most of the time. Also, if any of my followers (and I know there are some) have any problems with CL, Dara, Bom. or Minzy you can UNFOLLOW right now. If you don’t mind people who do like them all then you can stay. vvvv

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tourist seunghyun in singapore.

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Just go ahead and take it off babe ~

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