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You’re welcome. They’re the cutest. 😊

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2NE1 Pairings: BOMRIN

“Bom is the mood maker. On stage, she captivates with her overwhelming skills as a singer and her beautiful long legs but as soon as she steps off the stage, she’ll turn into the cute Bom. The gap in her image is what i think fans love so much.” - CL

“CL is a leader in every sense. Although there was a big age gap, I did think that we were well-suited to each other.” - Bom

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2/endless 2NE1 gifs(ノ´∀`)

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Bom cockblocking Chaera (x)(x)

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I feel the relationship between CL and Bom are really stressed. They seem to be the least bonded between each other. For example, CL rarely hugs Bom, but does so frequently to Dara, evident on the “Happy” video and 2NE1tv. When they stand in a row, CL extremely rarely, stands next to Bom, and usually has Minzy or Dara between them. They seem to share the least affection as they don’t often joke around each other. Idk, is it just me? Its a shame because they are so close with Minzy and Dara.

Where have you been? Check the BomRin tag, there are plenty of Bom/CL moments caught on fancams on and off stage.

Just because they don’t stand next to one another in music videos doesn’t mean their relationship is stressed. Their directors and choreographer tell them where to stand for things like that.

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CL on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (May 2014)

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▲ T-EC challenge: TOP » favourite performances [1/5]
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