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KANGDAESUNG : ミュージックドラゴン (140802)

140802 Daesung performs SHUT UP on Music Dragon

Thank You mail from Daesung [trans]


Hello, everybody! It’s D-lite
We completed the last concert of this year tour in Osaka safely.
Were all of you able to catch my love?
I feel very happy to have great memories as a present from you. From now on I will keep on singing for sure! So I count on your support! ^_^
Please have a little rest till autumn cos I’m preparing a new project… so please wait!

Translator: alteen_ai

please do not support the images in red velvets mv!


warning: graphic images of 9/11 under cut

this is not an attack on red velvet themself whatsoever—i doubt they had a hand in the editing of this video and thus please do not blame them for the things mentioned in this post! instead, please blame sm!

the images are under the cut as theyre rather big, but (basically) red velvets music video contains images from both world war 2 and 9/11 used in a “comical” and extremely disrespectful manner

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【HQ】D’s love tour in OSAKA 140727-6

have you really been doing this for almost 8 years?

[140717-18 Budokan] ©강대성닷컴
*No editing.


TO ALL OF THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO CLAIMED THAT SUZY WAS ‘SEXUALLY HARASSED’, SHE WASN’T. I suggest you all watch this video because not only does this guy, but also JYPE, deserve an apology from some of you. Now I am not speaking on behalf of everyone, but so much people have been posting negative comments about this guy and JYPE, and I feel that if you watch this video, it will clear some of the rumours.

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